Hate The Game

I’m not clicking with their click because my feet got more rhythm
Clicking keeps the game ticking but they don’t clock your vision
Unless your poly ticking your progress is forbidden
Everyone’s a player but the rule is unwritten
Like a failed exam paper your hard work is marked hidden
Playing dim getting bright might get you in position
Hear and deaf see and blind is the house you got to live in
As you find bridge building’s the key to your city
Visibly their style is clean know what I mean
Rolling into work like new upholstery
Knifes in the grey matter they’ll stab you from between their teeth
Make you token monkey when extra juice they need
For the game is endurance yet we yell conspiracy
When we’ve played it to perfection with no medals received
Pot calls kettle black when nothing hits the boil
I try not to play but the machine is well oiled.


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