To Myself & Anyone Else

It is easy to hide behind your thoughts when the actions you desire are apparently not under your control. Yet it is for you to enact plan B while plan A is still in the process of coming to fruition in order to give you the best possible chance of success.

knowing you have depth but believing the hype from the perception of your conceptual attribute is likely to endure you shallow

Not all seeds planted in key times of your life need to remain throughout your life. Some of them are now weeds that choke the real you – prevent you from flourishing fully. Whether that  be bad advice that has lead you away from what you believed you were destined for or for that matter experiences that opened you up yet your closed off to new things because your “chasing the dragon”  that is to say the initial highs you had.

If you have worked hard over a period and been rewarded for it drectly or indirectly take that as the harvest of your hard work – rest and then start planting again.  You cannot wait for a supplier to give you the seed that you should plant – someitmes you have to seek that which will capture you and bloom the best.

A friend asked me recently – if you are trying to get someone’s attention and it seems that being yourself is not enough – do you change or give up?  My answer is this – you have to know why you want the attention and how it will benefit you should you gain it. Who measures what is and what isn’t good enough? If being yourself on merit does not get you there and you are determined nonetheless to gain the attention of that person or group – then you need recognise what is  key  to you – what is uncompromisable in all scenarios about you – then build around that. Be prepared for the attention not to last long even if you get it.


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