Bit of Black

I am not just your bit of black

I am not your chocolate chip

I am not your chunk of dairy milk

A taste of the exotic for you to come back from

I’m not your trip for a bit of long dong Winston

I’m not your few nights of all nighters

I am not your escape from being white or whatever race you claim to be

I’m not running to lose my sense of me only to pick It up when you find you

I am not your excuse to live a lie or ignore your own

I am sexy but I’m grown and I am not yours to own

I do not exist to explore the depths of your body and measure how loud I can make you moan

I am not your bit of black

I am not the dude who you cut slack like women who use their looks as their intelligence

I’m not your R&B / rap or soul fantasy

I am the reality of the hustle and the flow

I am the truth, I can be a light, I am day glow

My skin is brown and teeth are white

I stick around in stereo like music but the truth of my blues is that my plight is covert

Fighting the stereo type is my every day verse on fight the power

See you call me black but I’m not just a brother to the night

I am strength engrained in passion and pain

The paradox of endurance and actualisation scream my name

See me being your bit of black enslaves me awaiting freedom

When you release me do I go back to black?

Or do I flip you like a great record and make you my bit of day or white or Asian or light

How would you like that?

How many bits of black are trapped into being baby fathers?

How many bits of black are behind bars instead of making up the bar…as barristers and judges

Bits of black float around as caramel or fudges just to match folks fake tan

Yeah there are some bits of black you can call a waste man or a sperm donor

But then its not a black thing so check your motives and thoughts

For your bit of black may become a bitter black if he’s just a bit…of course

See this black could be big black, small black, fat, short or tall black

But I’m the whole bar and guess what I’m all black

But black is not a culture, black is not a being

If I’m reduced to a colour then what I am seeing …in you


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