No More Decaf

It’s high time this coffee was re-caffeinated

Avoiding assassination by cool hand in the house of cards

See though the tide maybe raging but I blend into brown and what’s going down is that I am on the up

I am the proverbial cup being washed and cleaned, slow unrelenting, repenting, venting spleens, allowing screams to pierce the sky

I had tears wash my eyes so that I can breathe, grant myself reprieve

Many read and believe that I have the candy to be plucked with ease,

They be reading me like tea leaves, thieves picking the target, marketers picking their market, thinking it would be a lark if, we played his heart strings like harp strings yet when I am tune they are unable to sing

True salt never loses its zing, it only finds new containers and my refrain was always its all good

If you would rather read my status on Facebook than looking me in the eye and see how my face looks, find yourself demoted from the friend to flaky mate book as you play the game of Face B rather than face to face with me facing down my past present future,

Heart, Focus and Execution will enable me to suture my future with minimal furore

I keep telling me I am a smart bomb, when I lock on you’d better drink fast with  aplomb, lick your lips for a job well done but just remember my impact

I might be smooth and intoxicating like rum but I don’t drink that, think that

Just think fast and take literate snapshots as if I were paparazzi of literature

Inhaling reality like its eucalyptus, nothing is surreptitious

It’s just my heart stomps grinding rhythms as my feet find their positions

I’m just guarding my vision with an active petition and I can’t waiver

See I had be low just for me to know that I must re-caffeinate this coffee because ladies and gentlemen

I got flavour


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