True Valentine?

Today is the day when men and women across the world are expected to declare their love and affection for each other. For some people its a very big thing as many cards, flowers meals, chocolates, jewellery and more are bought as a sign of who loves or feels stronger for who more. For others it highlights their loneliness and desire to be with a loved one or merely have some attention/ affection. Now in principle just as with the concept of Christmas, I have no intrinsic problem with a day to celebrate that powerful force, love. It is one of the most beautiful things that we have as human beings, it is a glue that keeps us sane. Yes sometimes we go crazy because of how deep our roots are but at the end of it all, if we didn’t care, no matter how twisted our logic may be at any particular time, we act on it.

My personal view is that love and romance should not be confined to one day in a year. If you can’t communicate to someone at points throughout the time that you know them prior to this day how much you feel about them, even if you are taking slow steps….you don’t have any business participating in Valentine’s day.  When the meals are eaten, flowers are dead, jewellery has become part of a collection and life has thrown you a curve ball, where is the love then? Is the affection still there? In short Valentines day should be every day through manifestations of deeds that need not have look at me all over them.

At the heart of my ponderous state this evening I wonder how many people get into a dating/ relationship situation just in time to be in a state of being loved up, made to feel wanted on Valentines day. From that group who found themselves in new relationships by Valentine’s day – how many go on past the 6 month mark into fully fledged long term relationships?  There are some people that just need their needs satisfied or even just to be part of the hype. Everyone buys into a buzz at some point but when the energy level drops ….on reflection, what does that say about you?

Is it not a case of if you don’t feel secure without a relationship you will not feel truly secure with it because two halves of a person do not make a whole relationship?  Motives, thoughts, feelings I guess


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