Just like Music

I don’t get you,

If I got you then that would mean I have you,

If I had you would I own you or just a piece of you?

A piece of truth and peace with you would make me pleased with you,

Pleasing you would give me peace for true,

See I feel the beat with you,

Rock the boat and feel your rhythm, you are the light I am your prism,

So shine through the windows of my soul,

Let us be imprisoned in the music,

Unlocking the you in me will be beautiful

I will be dutiful, want to see us being fruitful,

We will be pure cool,

Hotter than any sunbeam,

I want to nourish your mind as you fertilise our dream,

You give me a reason to have eyes for seeing,

My heart is the morning bird that sings,

For you and I together, are the most powerful being.



Filed under Relationships

2 responses to “Just like Music

  1. i like this! nice poem… 🙂

  2. mary

    Nice, yeah real nice!

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