Notes on a week Part 2

It’s like watching comedy repeats

The way we promise new feats

Except the joke’s no longer funny

Do we need to retreat?

We’ve barely warred

Yet our battles don’t leave me loving you more

Its nothing or all

Backwards logic says we set out to stall

When we set out our stall

Instead of giving our all driving on loves super high way

We use facts for traffic face-offs at the junction of my way


Using female psychology for male-baiting

Silent treatment for jail baiting

We talk about making love but we’re just stale mating

I’ve hailed waiting

Hailed the gaining,

But I’m not prevailing when patience is a virtue that hurts too

So I work through, waiting for a change, improved situation

Yielding mental constipation, consternation examining wisdoms call for

A Blatant

Screw you and your reasoning

Your reasoning’s getting chewed and spat like chicken without seasoning

My head or my heart which am I believing in?

One reaches for a notion then the other just reels me in

See sometimes your feelings fill me in, appeal to me

But the hand I’m dealt seems to be dealing me

You say the house of spades is what makes you and me we

But I joined the club as jack of spades with my ace in the hole

Hoping to be King of Hearts with a queen to compliment my soul

Yet in this game we’ll fold for we’re no more a pyramid than a house of cards

And read my poker face you can’t because of the lock on my heart

Should we allow ourselves to be parted like the sea of red

Is romance dead?

Is second chance the said shotgun to my head?

Are we destined to lose out because a loss of control

Are love poems nothing more than dead emcee scrolls

Can the concept of us exist or should it go to the polls

Let publics hold up us up for scrutiny

Or do we truly need to examine the level at which you and me can truly be

I know what you’ve meant to me but for all my flavour but I lost the taste of my identity

I wonder whose thirst will be quenched with me

I live, I am I begin again as me

We lived, we were, and still are an entity

Full of energy or empathy

Truth decides our future

Are you cursing or blessing me



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