Hells Locker

I share stories with me

Of how it all started

Toying with anatomy

How I grew to like that…


Like I got something my inner man…


Who would believe?

The quiet one

Seemingly trouble free


Could desecrate the temple

Wilfully without realising

Nothing real but

Encouraged physical fantasising


Visual stimulus

Eventual reactions

Without a relationship

Another ride on the insatiable

Gratification ship

Yet I’m not a captain of this

A paid up passenger for

More than a decade

I wish I’d never known of her

As age surrounds me

I reminisce

Glory without ever being


Narrowed crowd of one

Or two

She wont deflect it

Neglect it

On off hots for her

Sunday morning hangover

I find myself in hells locker room

Compounding the previous night

The whole week

When I didn’t really know but I knew

What I should do

Sitting here in hells locker room

The right thing to do is leave

The coach always wants a piece of me

Says I’m his star

But what he doesn’t know

I was already signed to another team

Voices discreet approach me

Like a house of mirrors

Question my commitment

I know I’ve been moonlighting

Form of late inconsistent

Was my letter ever read?

Pretender! schemer!

The mirrors speak

They need to be broken before they bare reflection

This love affair really needs to be ended

Before the room is really locked

Its time to be suspended

Dropped from the team

That has me being

Something I should never have allowed to be conceived

And while I pray hoping for reprieve

The next interaction will be

When there really is a we

Abraham and Sara

And I can share with her

All I feel directly

Instead of having an affair

Feeling disrespected

By a loveless entity

For when I leave the locker


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