I wanted to be a b-boy
But I could only be a boy for I was not man
I felt like a decoy deployed to understand
Blue prints fed into the sand
Waving currency that I don’t understand
Codes with no remorse
Looking for the day when the knight would arrive on her bright horse
I couldn’t ride of course
Because I was not a man

I fought lectures and plagiarised
But it was a stage play for eyes with no heart
Every line I’d start was part of new mission
Diving into coal pits to go fishing
Deafening myself with pride till I heard I didn’t listen
Distraction was my greatest attraction
Tried to compete for completion but I was a fraction
Completion multiplies it never adds on
I was not yet one
I couldn’t equal man

Thought I was Mr Man
But I was peter pan hitting the ceiling like fat in a pan
Legitimate flash like Cybershot
But diva shocked when asked carry the can
All I wanted was to spray walls and design minds
But the design on mine would wash off
I would live in mines
Step on mines
Explode and inspire like the stories of a 9/11 fire man
But I was not a man

I was just a fan and idle worshipper
But streams of consciousness were the turning point
Cooling myself in the heat of laziness were not for me to live for
So I died in the cold light of disdain
And resurrected with purpose in my late age
A re-birth in the stars that refresh the earth with cool rain
See I never want to die again
So I’ll grip life like hands on Harley’s handle bars
Be as strong as brick and creative like grains of sand are
Never riding luck or fighting hard without a plan
There’ll be snakes in the grass but I’ll know where to stand
As I Start To be A Man


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