Blood Will Reign

Their blood will reign yet kings abandon their thrones
Leaving bemused queens raising princes alone
Takes more than bricks and mortar to be making a home
Yet they lay the foundations then to new projects they’ve flown
Declaring the season wasn’t right despite the seeds they’ve sown
Finding reasons to treat the field like a weed that’s grown
Their blood will reign yet kings abandon their thrones

Sitting pretty getting fed while queens cry alone
Declarations of kingship drown out weary groans
The kingdom is the queens for she builds alone
Who’s the king where’s the king the prince wants to know
Looking him in the eye as he sits on the throne
Where’ve you been what’ve you seen of my growth
Don’t you love me or really didn’t you want to know
Your blood will reign when you’ve been overthrown

Love can and will reign yet blood run will cold
For a king who ignored their heir till they were 20 years old
How can a king be a king when the queen ruled the throne?
He wasn’t even the power behind it he wasn’t a king at all
But to the queens who get big and want their kings dethroned
Check yourself to make sure your truly giving your all
To my kings who simply think that rulings a ball
Stop playing the game or your house will fall
A single mothers cry isn’t nice no, no
Fathers your blood will reign so take control of your throne


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2 responses to “Blood Will Reign

  1. drew b

    concise and prosaic words addressing a very serious, very sad and very severe societal reality… captured quite well- I commend You. I have been a single father most of my life- since I was 22, I am now 47… I have a 25 year old son whom I raised alone and who has grown into a mighty young man who I have great pride in- he saves lives, witnesses death and births babies as a firefighter paramedic… I moved across this country to be a constant in my 2 year old daughters life- and so her mother, a fine woman, would not be the solo Queen of the Realm of my child; I dare to dream that my role, my influence, my presence and guidance, will help raise a wonderful, vibrant child into that of a viable and importnat, successfull strong woman. There are us who would have possibly been Kings who are above even that. Thank you for your time, with your words and allowing my comment.

    • I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my piece. To hear of your experience as a result of your connection to the subject matter is touching. I myself haven’t been in the situation of being a single parent yet nor have I seen the experience in much detail, yet I am thankful for the inspiration and ability to have written such a piece.

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