Cirque del Vida

Like TV news on repeat
Life is the cycle, every man is pedalling
On a journey to great feats
Creative roads we be bevelling using our feet creating tracks,
Testing mettle because a struggle’s just a puddle that we meddle in
Gold medalling because we’re in tune when we’re fettling
Revelling in melodies that we make love and listen to
Perforating the edge of reason, painting it a kind of blue
See we all bring a kind of hue,
A friend is artist that paints life, love and pain with you
But we download on the down low so check your motives and thoughts
Before engaging strangers in verbal intercourse
Before riding luck and lust like a thoroughbred horse
Which Willy Wonka do you really want in your sugar walls
Who will you let have a ball in your mall
All in All, some say chocolate is better than sex
Yet for symbolic histrionics, special effects, bedroom pyrotechs
Money, power, respect, never confuse sexcess with success
My seed fertilises heads through conversations of mutual depths
In lighting fires the tongue is matchless
Even though rumours abound that mounds of blackness gun for success with fusion missions
Beyond atom splitting and trying to fit in, everyman goes human fishing
At some point you’re going to be hooked


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