Freesstyle: Flash Black

Jumpin Jack Flash, they love our Black Flash
Lean on us like a back slash,
Get raw talented braggadocio all about to make cash
Yet like a cow to a Masai drain cash
Cos they’re pinned up like a thumbtack
Enslaved to chinese whispers about how they run that
Yet bad contracts, corrupt contacts stunt that
Life blood drained because they slash the vain
Get you insane in the membrane as they yank the reins
So many artists don’t have business brains
Stepping into the game being hustle trained will make you spaz out OJ,
Act a fool like OJ,
Yet its wise guys with sharp minds, not white guys, or bright eyes or curves, cleavage and nice thighs
Who see the ladder and climb
Aesthetics and substance must combine to be more devastating than Columbine
Kill your nightmares with a dream realised


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