Sweet n’ Sour

I wanna go somewhere where my face fits

Where I don’t have to play monkey for tips

Take second place to a nice face n tits

Play my bit and not just another round of drinks from the bar

My solo never comes from my guitar

See the game is strummed on a type of string

I forgot to play dumb and blind

Life surprises you from behind when your most forward thinking

Glasses clink for whom the rules sink in

So I take note and let them ink into my skin

See when I go somewhere where my face fits

I’ll only play bits

Sample the tune and let the hit be created around me

I’ve already found me, can’t be more ground me

So on my grind I’m bound to flour

My time will seem like the eternal hour

But when I rise whether to ultimate power or to a level that aint as dour

The blessing will have been worth the stressing

Cos this game is sweet and sour


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Filed under Just Living

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