It Takes More

It takes more than mammary glands
To strike up one man’s band
With the tune of a siren leading many a hand
into a no man land
Where many men be damned
Seduced, Chopped and Screwed like crap to a fan
Quick to want the baby can’t afford the cost of a pram
It takes more than material assets to make a man
For some of these big flash in a pan
Jack the land and big Stan
With much cash in their hand and acres of land
Are the 3 minute rendition, not the total exhibition
It takes more than your permission, your definition
if your deafened with a superstition driven from your ignition
that a man is a dumb animal then check your shampoo and conditioner
Be careful who you listen to because it’ll affect your vision too
It takes wisdom to know experience don’t always exist as truth
Its chopped, stirred and spewed on cue
Like the change of the seasons you got to feel the dew
Adjust to the hue
Illuminate the place with the colour of you
It takes more than a paint brush and a fancy colours to do
A master piece
First you gotta master peace and set the captive free
Captain your ship and capture the sea
To reach your land of honey you gotta sting just to be
See we all want a revelation, a divine breakthrough
But forget we need a genesis which might break us too
and it needs to break us to …the point our new beginnings
Some are sinning and wining while we wonder how to fit in
Though the game is a race and we’re neither fit or in
with the crowd
It takes more than being a geek or loud
Black or Proud
White or high brow
Ghetto background
To have the know how
It takes more than the brawn of your frame
The sound of your name
Or that you speak it plain
To put you in the frame, with a good mention
See life takes shape with many dimensions
So wake up, pay attention and learn

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