The Shake Up

In a world of broken systems I feel imprisoned by people seeing the light through twisting prisms and calling it divinity’s visions
They rule masses with soliloquies written for human fishing, intoxicating minds with a shot to the spirit
Reality is a shock when they get it, the revelation of the code, standing still in disbelief that no real strides were strode
Time bombs will blow with a din like volcanic ash in the wind
Bringing heat to your skin like the sun burning from within
It’s the will to win that keeps you inside the scope
For awards that will never go to those who gave up the ghost
You’ve got fathom your values, value, role and goal and be sold on making the most
Cos life’s never been beach though some love to coast
And in this game show not everybody can host, some of us can boast we’re the audience with the answers
But we have to play careful because our answers have damned us, sometimes hanged us
Honesty is a policy that is priority thankless so pray life thanks us through rewards and blessings.
For the greatest intimacy is hard work… I call it success caressing
But some just love the effing – too much solo stuff makes you blind
Though they be calling this the year two thousand and mine
I wonder is it the year of greed or the year I shine
See disaster’s been the blueprint of my destiny’s design
I want to litter my life with highlights getting higher than street lights without succumbing to the high life and becoming egotistic and blind to humility
Pride is draped in futility pitfalls are covered in mystery
Like unveiling a masterpiece at the Tate Modern success can be met with hostility
So Prepare


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  1. a lovely play of words and concepts.

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