Twitter Inspirations: She Threw The Sky

She threw the sky in his face like a javelin
Piercing his eye she saw his focus unravelling
Knowing her words would kill she knew how to scrabble him
She was on board with her game and her bull ship was travelling
He became so far from sure His logic battled him
His feelings were rattling as anger managed him
His sense of manhood strangled him and left him dangling
Over the precipice of self destruction because this woman man handled him

I was on twitter and saw the title “she threw the sky” on an update by Ladessa Sullivan otherwise known as the poet CandyAcidReign. Honestly I have never paid that much attention to her non poetic talents but the words “she threw the sky” hit me like a silver bullet and formed a poetic verse. I may have to pay more attention now…if you think that I should flesh this verse out into a bigger poem let me know

Check the original video below



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2 responses to “Twitter Inspirations: She Threw The Sky

  1. Wow… glad it inspired you to pen this. You captured much of the meaning. The title is actually based on a dream I had, and how I described it to a friend. I also used that line in a poem afterwards. I will share that with you, or it can be found on the old TVA forum. Okay, so… you don’t pay attention as much to my other crafts?! lol. Yeah, it’s time to change that! They’re all very important to me. I think you would like “When A man Cries”. It can be found on my youtube channel as well.

    Thank you so much for this. 😉

  2. This is absolutely fascinate.

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