Reading the signs….

They stay reading the signs through the eyes of the blind
Defiance writes the decline under moonshine
Journalists like to opine till the senses incline
Common sense is anodyne in claims of media malign
I wonder can’t our suns be stars without being on sky
The answer I can’t figure for figures love to lie

Though fame flashes a thigh her price is disguised
For every time the gun claps one of the audience dies
Plumbing the deaths through crack’s accordion pipes
Playing enter the dragon while singing “back to life”
Reality’s contrived the revolution is live
I turned off the television and switched on to inner vision
Because they poisoned the pie to get you high then die
Yet these rhetoric heretics stay home and dry
Red Bull gives you wings and I must stay fly
The Word is my sun but I’m yet to shine
So I bask in each line steady reading the signs
Shooting for the moon as I make space mine
Pain runs through my veins like express train lines
Crashing through junctions of wayward desires
Yet with love I design a path from the back of my mind
Hoping with success I’ll dine when it reaches my eyes
Because even though I stumbled I stayed reading the signs



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